People Inside Portraits is my work in progress photography project. Since I started to talk more with people instead of just stealing their portrait and move on I have collected hundreds of portraits and stories.

Whenever talking to people I try to understand who they are, where they come from and what they expect from life. This can either be done in a couple of minutes or it might take some more time when I am invited to go to houses, taverns or bars. For instance I met Mr. António da Severa at his tavern and since then every time I go around that side of town I go there even if it is just to say hello.

Here you won’t find all of those portraits cause not everyone allowed me to share their pictures or story and I also share only a small selection of all my work. Sometimes it’s difficult to make the decision to share or not to share. I tend to select only those who touched my heart deeply rather than those with the best stories or best photos.

On the left of all pictures you will find four bold lines; Name, birthplace, age (on that day) and profession. Above that you will find a small excerpt of our conversation.
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