Long story short:
- I started to learn Photography in school's photo-club when I was fourteen.
- One year later I was able to operate the camera in Manual mode, develop my own film and enlarge photos.
- In 2007 I bought my first Digital Camera but I never stoped using film cameras.
- In 2009 I accepted my first paid gig. They gave me two sandwiches and payed fuel costs.
- In 2011 I established myself as a freelance photographer in my spare time.
- In 2015 I moved to The Netherlands.
- In 2018 I returned to Portugal and kept photography as an hobby.

I work/worked for:
- Getty Images
- Europol EC3
- Peace & Justice .net
- Comissão Nacional Protecção Dados
- The Frammers Wedding Photography
- Festival dos Oceanos
- Festival de Cinema Bioscoop
- 24horas Coruche BTT
- Municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Coa
- Municipality of Guarda
- And many others...

I was responsable for:
- focomanual.org
- Portuguese Photowalkers
- LX Ginjawalkers
- Lisbon Help Portait
- Lisbon Worldwide Photowalk
- And many others...